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Ride on lawnmower (No. 8090187)

Ride on lawnmower
Length x Width x Height
Ride on lawnmower
Entered dimensions
180 x 160 x 120 cm
Entered weight
250 kg
Total weight:
250 kg
354 km
Type of service:
Private person

Pick-up address and date

United Kingdom, Northamptonshire, Brackley

Flexible dates

Delivery address and date

United Kingdom, Cumbria, Penrith

Flexible dates

Garden equipment

Garden supplies shipment  is a pretty large section, including not just small items for example shovels, axes as well as spades but also bigger machines like: lawnmover or cultivator. In garden tools category you may find all the items that may be used for gardening and also maintaining your lawn. Furthermore the category of garden chairs and tables or ornaments may also be considered as garden equipment and placed in this category. Many of the items transported in garden equipment section are quite big as well as considerably heavy. Nevertheless most of the items described as garden equipment can be shipped in almost every vehicle – starting with passenger car’s trunk and ending with professional trailers.

When it comes to preparing garden equipment for shipment, usually you do not need to deposit it inside a continer. On the plus side you do not have to search for the fitting cardboard, however there is also a downside. Garden garden equipment usually comes in atypical sizes as well as shapes that makes it more difficult to properly place the load in the transporting vehicle. 

Garden tools tend to be rather resistant when it comes to vibrations as well as weak bumps on the road. Naturally that doesn’t mean, that you do not have to be cautious in such a shipment – make sure the garden supplies are securely attached in the transporting vehicle and won’t be able to move during shipment. Even the durable garden equipment can damage if not secured properly during an accident. Additionally, the substantial weight of many of the garden tools could damage the transporting vehicle during an accident and pose a danger to the hauler.

Some types of garden supplies have special needs that must be met during shipment – like mowers have to be transported upwards to prevent from any fluid leaking within the machine.