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Ramy frames (No. 6878263)

Item length [m]:


Item width [m]:


Item height [m]:


Total weight [kg]:


Type of service:

Transportation with assistance in loading and unloading

Packaging description:

Stare ramy łóżko i obraz.

Safety instructions:

Wszystko zapakowane

Distance: 1546.00 km

Pick-up address and date

Belgium, Flanders, Wervik

Flexible dates

Delivery address and date

Poland, Lublin Voivodeship, Lublin

Flexible dates

Antiques transportation

Antiques are part of the most problematic section of cargos – Fragile Goods. That’s because the antiques are quite delicate and prone to damages during transportation. With antiques, you have to remember the matter of worth, as all of the antiques are very expensive load. This is why for a future hauler antiques are not only tricky but also potentially troublesome cargo (usually the client wants at least some form of insurance should anything happen to the load). Needless to say it will most likely have an impact on the price of transportation. Also you might receive less quotes than you’d probably receive when searching for e.g. motorcycle shipment, however that is not a big deal – in this particular case fewer quotes usually have nothing to do with their quality. The offers you will receive, will be made by transport providers that know how to transport antiques safely.

What kind of things belong in the Antiques category? Almost every item that is of considerable worth due to how old and rare they are. By “antiques” people usually mean quite ancient furniture that grew really valuable with time. Is there any difference between modern furniture shipment and antiques transportation?

First of all, you should bear in mind what they were made from. Please, remember, that present-day beds and tables are being made with the matter of shipment in mind. Wardrobes, chairs and tables can travel many miles between the factory and the store and further to the customer’s place. That’s why it is common for them to be made from materials that will be able to endure being shipped from place to place. With antiques the logic was quite different. The antique furniture were made by local manufacturers, so there wasn’t any reason to ship them hundreds of miles. Therefore manufacturers could make them  without worrying about their endurance as well as using even very delicate materials.

It’s quite a challenge for present-day shipment as well as for antiques owners – how to best prepare antiques for transportation as well as how to safely ship cargos which are that fragile and of considerable worth. With extreme caution, that’s for sure. Remember to secure every part that stands apart from the main shape of your load using some bubble foil. When transporting antique furnitures in a cardboard, remember to use extra layers of foam peanuts – they are meant to eliminate any vibrations on the road, which might damage your cargo.

If you are preparing transportation of antique furniture there is another thing to remember – almost all of antiques are not designed to be disassembled safely and therefore should be transported as a whole. This affects the choice of a proper vehicle, as not every delivery van will have enough room for an antique furniture set to be transported safely.

As mentioned in previous paragraphs, antiques are a costly load, and that’s the reason you should look for a carrier that has carrier liability insurance. This will enable you to compensation should something happen to your cargo during shipment. And of course it would be smartest to find a transport provider with previous experience with shipping antiques, as when it comes to fragile loads, professional hauler’s knowledge cannot be overestimated.