Przeprowadzka (No. 7551379)

Length x Width x Height
400 x 160 x 200 cm
1000 kg
Are the dimensions precise?
Is it palletised?
Is it packed?
Total weight:
1000 kg
1262 km
Assistance with loading and unloading:
Not required

Pick-up address and date

United Kingdom, England, Crawley

From 15 Apr 2021 to 29 Apr 2021

Delivery address and date

Poland, Lubusz Voivodeship, Gorzów Wielkopolski

Flexible dates

Full truck load

Full truck load (FTL) is a way of shipment commonly used by entreprises. Occasionally private individuals also use this transportation method, mainly when they are about to relocate and need to move a lot of stuff with them. FTL is a profitable solution for the transport firms too, due to the fact that they can avoid wasting valuable hours on notification, invoicing and awaiting for loading in many different locations.

There are some crucial issues that must be considered ahead of placing an order for the FTL transport. First of all, you should establish a method of loading and unloading. If the commodity is placed on pallets you may want to use a forklift truck which will help you with loading. When it comes to small pieces of timber or powders, you ought to speak with the hauler if there is need for a tarpaulin to be put on the top of the transported objects.

Last but not least, when delivering fruits and vegetables, meat or plants, a transport company should guarantee a freezer truck.

After setting the requirements of a transport, you can start looking for a transport provider at the transport marketplace, like Because of the fact that the offers get to hundreds of transport providers with huge experience and professional equipment, you will find a good service at a relatively low price.