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Transportation only

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Distance: 1009.00 km

Consumer electronics

In the consumer electronics category you will find TVs, Bluray players, CD recorders, radio receivers and all kinds of other electronic accessories, usually used at home.

Packing consumer electronics for the transport

Endurance of the container in which you wish to ship your electronic devices have to match the dimensions of the cargo as well as its heaviness. The best way of securing consumer electronics for the shipment, is using its original box, as it is best suited for the electronics. Yet, if you are no longer in possession of the original box, you need to at least make sure to decrease the amount of vacant space in the box after placing your consumer electronics in. Stuffing extra space with styrofoam or pieces of cloth will minimize the danger of your load moving around the cardboard during shipment. Should the need of sudden turning or stopping arise, your cargo can become really damaged, if you don’t confirm it doesn’t move around the container and the vehicle. Furthermore, before depositing your consumer electronics in the cardboard box, you should secure it in bubble foil to make it even more immune to breaking during shipment. Additionally it’s important to remove any small elements that stick out from the main device (like antennas or power cords), secure them in bubble foil and transport them separately. If you need to ship some very big goods, it will be best to put them on pallets. Then you may wrap them in stretch foil – again, ensuring that the items won’t move around during transportation and that they will not project beyond the pallet outline. 

The price of shipping consumer electronics

The cost of shipping electronic devices often is determined by the route length as well as the dimensions of the cargo and also its weight. Another cost defining factor is whether or not you have the original box. If you need help from the transport provider with selecting suitable packaging as well as securing the items, the cost of shipping your consumer electronics will be higher. 

Pick-up address and date

Cambrils, Spain

Flexible dates

Delivery address and date

Rota, 11520, Spain

Flexible dates