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Piaggio Ape (No. 7952975)

Length x Width x Height
Piaggio Ape
250 x 130 x 155 cm
300 kg
Are the dimensions precise?
Total weight:
300 kg
2066 km
Private person

Pick-up address and date

Italy, Apulia, San Michele Salentino

Flexible dates

Delivery address and date

Netherlands, Noord-Holland, Zaanstad

Flexible dates

Transporting a classic car – all you need to know

Moving an old vehicle is quite different than a regular vehicle shipping. When you make a decision to do it, you must be sure that your valuable vehicle will be delivered in the same shape. Thus you shouldn’t simply choose a regular transport company. You ought to search for a hauler that specialize in old vehicle transport. How to do it? Visit Clicktrans.com, where you will get access to thousands of knowledgeable transport companies from Europe.

It is usually advisable to ship a classic auto in a vehicle that has a roof. The load is not supposed to be exposed. It should be secured from the environment elements like wind or dust. When you are listing the load such as a classic vehicle on Clicktrans, don’t forget to add that demand. Also, find out if the hauler you are willing to select has an insurance. In many cases, a classic auto might be costly thus it is very significant to have an option to get money back if something goes wrong.

When you describe a load, describe the conditions of the vehicle you want to ship. Give a transport provider information if the vehicle is working or the opposite. If the car is wrecked the specifics of the transaction may be changed. The transport provider should know all the specifics before you start the cooperation.

On Clicktrans after presenting the load all you must do is anticipate response from haulers. Delivering an old cars could be challenging. This is not a popular load thus don’t be surprised if you get just a few offers. It’s normal. In this case quantity doesn’t need to be quality. The transport providers that will answer to your listing are the ones that specialize in old car removal. For sure that is everything you need right now. 

Although, the shipping of old car may be very tricky you still may expect attractive occassions. For instance, on Clicktrans shipping two 50 years old vehicles from France to Spain cost around £440.