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Orbiter 1260x650x1500

(No. 2337604)

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Transportation only

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Distance: 422.00 km

Sport equipment transportation

Sport machinery category includes all the equipment usually used when training, for example in a gym – e.g. rowing machines, barbells or elliptical trainers. Items like surf boards, snowboards, skateboards, climbing equipment may also be considered sport equipment. Under this category also falls everything that may be used as a protective gear while doing sports: for example helmets (e.g. bicycle helmet), shin pads etc. or suits (e.g. ski suit). In most cases sport equipment is huge, bulky and very troublesome in transportation and also almost impossible to ship on your own.

Sport machinery has to be safely secured for the time of shipment, preferably covered in bubble wrap. It’s best to transport sport machinery in its original packaging as it is best suited to the machinery you want to ship. In case you no longer possess the original packaging, be sure to find a container the best fitted in size because any additional space between package and the machinery may lead to damaging of the machinery. If there is some free space left, packl it with Styrofoam. If the sport equipment you plan to transport contains several parts, you should take it apart and secure every element separately – especially if any of them are delicate. Sport equipment cannot be able to move inside the cardboard.

When it comes to the price of the sport machinery transportation, it mainly is related to the dimensions of the load and its weight, the number of the equipment in need of shipping and also the route length and the dates of the pick-up and delivery.

Pick-up address and date

Świętoszów, 59-726, Poland

Flexible dates

Delivery address and date

Koszalin, 75-137, Poland

Flexible dates