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Distance: 258.00 km

Full truck load

Full truck load (FTL) is a way of shipment commonly being used by firms. Sometimes private individuals also benefit from this transportation method, principally if they are planning to relocate and want to transport a lot of things with them. FTL is an advantageous method for the transport providers too, as they can avoid wasting time on notification, invoicing or a dealy caused by loading in different locations.

There are a few crucial issues that have to be taken under consideration earlier than placing an order for the FTL transport. To begin with, a person ordering should choose a method of loading and unloading. When the commodity is located on pallets you may need to take advantage of a forklift truck which will significantly facilitate the process. When you transport small pieces of timber or powders, you should discuss with the hauler if there is need for a tarpaulin to be situated on the top of the cargo.

Additionally, when shipping fruits and vegetables, meat or plants, a transport provider should provide a freezer vehicle.

After setting the conditions of a shipment, you can begin searching for a transport provider at the transport marketplace, such as Clicktrans.com. Because of the fact that the offers are available for hundreds of transport providers with huge experience and valuable equipment, you can get an excellent offer at a relatively low price. 

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Kozieglowy, 42-350, Poland

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Błonie, Warsaw, 03-037, Poland

Flexible dates