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Moto acuática (No. 7720740)

Moto acuática
Length x Width x Height
Moto acuática
331 x 122 x 80 cm
350 kg
Are the dimensions precise?
Total weight:
350 kg
916 km
Private person

Pick-up address and date

Spain, Asturias, Gijón/xixón

From 10 Sep 2021 to 12 Sep 2021

Delivery address and date

Spain, Andalusia, Cádiz

From 13 Sep 2021 to 15 Sep 2021

How to transport a jet ski

Shipping jet skis might cause many problems. The bigger worry might be the size of a jet ski. Its length is normally more than three meters, width as well as height are mostly more than 1 meter. What is more, this is a heavy thing to move. The weight of a personal watercraft is between 200 to 400 kg. That is really a lot! Let’s not forget that a personal watercraft is also an extremely high-priced equipment. So, that's why it's more high-risk to ship. We need to be certain that we ship the item cautiously. When we are willing to do it by ourselves, without an assistance from a hauler, we have to make up our minds about the best shipping vehicle. This should be a wise decision. It is reasonable to pick a semi-trailer, minivan or a truck. Despite that, it is very important to have in mind transporting as well as protection of the costly cargo. You can secure jet ski’s corners with styrofoam or just piece of textile such as blanket. However, the smartest option is to wrap the cargo in a textile or bubble foil – something that will secure the watercraft from scratches. During transportation every vibration can effect in undesired damage, so it is significant to prepare your special load.

During the shipping the cargo should be secured with dedicated belts since it shouldn’t shake on the way. Due to the fact that a personal watercraft is not light it should be put close to wheel axle. Otherwise, it might damage the back of the vehicle. Personal watercraft has zero wheels, so during loading you ought to use a device like a small crane to move up the cargo. An entry platform could be useful as well.

If you don't feel like doing the jet ski by yourself, it is recommended to find a hauler. When you need to rapidly and with a success find haulers specializing in quite a unique shipping, you must use A few moments after you list an cargo, 30 000 of transport companies will be informed about your listing. That is the most efficient way to get top-quality as well cut-price offers. Also, while searching on Clicktrans, check if a hauler you desire guarantee a cargo insurance. Jet skis are quite expensive, thus it is better to secure the freight in case of an unfortunate event happening during shipment. This way you'll have an opportunity to receive compensation.

The cost of shipping watercraft might depend on a lot of things like the length of the road or the way of transportation that we desire (for exmple whether a semi-trailer or a van will be used). For example, a shipping of a watercraft with semi-trailer from Portsmouth (UK) to Legnica (Poland) cost around £225. That combined with going by ferry with a freight.