Mercedes Benz sprinter (No. 7585894)

Mercedes Benz sprinter
Length x Width x Height
Mercedes Benz sprinter
700 x 200 x 300 cm
2800 kg
Are the dimensions precise?
Total weight:
2800 kg
2551 km
Not required

Pick-up address and date

Spain, Andalusia, Málaga

From 13 Sep 2021 to 24 Sep 2021

Delivery address and date

United Kingdom, West Yorkshire, Leeds

From 24 Sep 2021 to 30 Sep 2021

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Transporting a caravan

Moving a caravan is usually associated with a lot of difficulties, but in fact it is much easier than we realize. If you want to ship a caravan by yourself, do not forget to make sure that your driving license enables you to do that.

Kinds of caravans

A Conventional caravan – as the name suggests, this is the most popular type of caravan. It has 4 strong walls and a full height rood. It can range in dimensions as well as in the amount of rooms, but in most cases it provides pretty pleasant travelling conditions. Conventional caravans may have one or two axles.

B Tent trailer – is a type of caravan that is a good alternative if you need to lower the costs. It can be towed by most of the cars and often includes the most basic equipment, like hot water and a fridge. It provide you considerable amount of living space but offers much less wind resistance than a conventional caravan.

3) Pop-top caravans -  this kind is very much alike conventional caravans with the exception of a lifting roof, which can expand the living space. Pop-top caravans, similar to a tent trailer does not offer much wind resistance.

D Pop-out caravans – this kind of caravan is equipped with all the features of a pop-top caravan and added pop-out area on the foot and the head of the vehicle, which is a perfect spot to place additional beds, in case you need them. Pop-out caravans are especially favored by big families.

E Camper trailers – they offer less living space than most of the types mentioned before, but because they provide with all the elementary equipment (shower, hot water and so on) camper trailers are considered to be a comfortable and economical way of travelling. 

6) The fifth-wheeler – this is the biggest type of caravan. It provides with considerable amount of living space, so that whole families can travel in comfort. Because of its large size,  the fifth-wheeler must be towed by a larger vehicle instead of a regular car (like a pickup truck).

It is not always possible to transport a caravan by yourself – such decision hinges on whether you have enough time to cover required route and whether the caravan itself is capable of covering the distance.

In case you decide to find a transport company to transport your caravan, check if you give them the precise measurements of the caravan. Also check if its insurance hasn’t expired. In addition, instruct the transport provider about condition of the caravan – for example whether lights are fully functional.

When hiring a transport provider to transport your caravan you don’t have to worry about your driving license or crossing the borders  - all the regulations apply to the transport provider. Furthermore, transport companies frequently invest in product liability insurance, which ensures you a compensation, should any damage is done to the caravan during shipment.

Cost of moving a caravan

Price of transporting a caravan depends on its dimensions and weight (similar tomost types of cargo}. Other than that , the price is also defined by the state of the caravan – if it is undamaged, you are likely to pay less.