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maszyna poligraficzna 14 ton

(No. 2881056)
maszyna poligraficzna 14 ton

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Distance: 286.00 km

Industrial equipment

A transport of machines and industrial equipment is a very broad expression associated with a relatively complex method of a shipment. This is because of the dimensions of the machines. The dimensions differ depending on their utilization, but a few of them are really massive.

To transport machinery or industrial equipment, appropriate freighters tailored to the huge machinery are usually found valuable. In some cases it is requisite to get a special approval for a shipment of such freight. You are encouraged to email a transport company and discuss that question with them in order to stay away from any problems when travelling.

If you are looking for that type of transport, you can choose a freight exchange service like As a result of that, various transport providers that have various transport vehicles will have an access to your request and through the auction, you will get fair price for the transportation.

As machinery elements such as tractors, electrical transformers or other agricultural or construction machines are not cheap, it may be beneficial to choose the companies that have an insurance policy for the transported elements.

Pick-up address and date

Tychy, Poland

29 Jun 2018

Delivery address and date

Lubin, 59-300, Poland

30 Jun 2018