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markiza (No. 194704)


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Distance: 706.20 km

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Polska, Lubuskie, Prądocin, 66-425

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Polska, Podlaskie, Augustów, 16-300

Flexible dates

Garden equipment

Garden tools transportation  is quite a wide section, featuring not only small gadgets for example shovels, scythes or trovels but also larger tools like: tractor mover or agricultural mover. In garden equipment category you will find all that may be of use in gardening and also keeping your lawn presentable. Furthermore all the garden furniture or decorations can also be found in garden equipment section. Most of the things transported in garden accessories category are fairly big as well as rather heavy. Nevertheless almost all of the items considered to be garden tools can be shipped in most of the vehicles – starting with regular car’s trunk and ending with professional trailers.

When it comes to securing garden tools for transportation, usually you do not ought to place it inside a box. On the plus side you don't have to search for the right box, however there is also some worse news. Garden tools often come in atypical sizes and shapes that makes it harder to properly place the cargo in the shippig car. 

Garden tools tend to be quite resistant to tremors and minor bumps on the road. Naturally that doesn’t mean, that you do not have to be careful during such a journey – ensure that the garden equipment is securely attached in the shipping vehicle and will not move during transportation. Even the durable garden supplies can break if not secured properly during sudden turn. Moreover, the substantial weight of most of the garden equipment may damage the shipping vehicle during an accident and therefore cause injury to the transport provider.

Certain kinds of garden supplies have special requirements that have to be met during shipment – like mowers should be transported upwards to avoid any fluid leaking within the machine.