Lebensmittel (No. 6394745)


Total weight [kg]:


Distance: 1739.00 km

Pick-up address and date

Belarus, Минск, Менск

Flexible dates

Delivery address and date

Germany, Baden-Württemberg, Baden-Baden

21 Sep 2020

Food transport

Food transport is one of the sections that has the most restrictive rules when it comes to storage and shipping. The most important cause is the possibility of products getting spoiled when stored and transported incorrectly. The possible transport provider ought to uphold the standards of storage and shipping food so as to keep the load from spoiling and thus getting damaged permanently. The transport provider also has to have essential certifications confirming that he is able to safely transport agriculture products as well as is in possession of crucial devices. One of the reasons food transport has such strict norms is the diversity of the section – in “Food” category you may come across: meat, dairy, frozen products, vegetable products, liquids, cereals and many others. Most of these needs its own appropriate storing and shipping conditions, e.g. certain temperature or humidity. Transport providers that are thinking of shipping food ought to keep the delivery date, because of the often short expiration dates of the load. Moreover they must guarantee that the load is secured properly and shielded from weather conditions. Furthermore a transport provider who wants to transport food products, has to obtain proper permissions from Food Standard Agency.

Cost of food transportation

Cost of food shipping varies highly, because the category is really diverse. Similarly to the most cargo, the cost of shipping is connected with the dimensions and weight of the cargo and route length as well as whether the route is international. Still with food transportation we can discern one more price-defining factor: whether your load requires certain environment for the shipping. So if you have to transport a cargo that has to be shipped in particular temperature or humidity, you should probably be ready to pay more than you would while transporting e.g. furniture of similar weight and dimensions.