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JET SKI (No. 6770650)


Item length [m]:


Item width [m]:


Item height [m]:


Total weight [kg]:


Distance: 1617.00 km

Pick-up address and date

Italy, Liguria, Chiavari

1 Nov 2020

Delivery address and date

United Kingdom, West Midlands, Birmingham

5 Nov 2020

How to transport a jet ski

Shipping jet skis may cause many problems. The bigger issue could be the size of a jet ski. Its length is typically more than three meters, width and height are mostly more than one meter. Moreover, jet ski is a heavy thing to ship. The weight of a personal watercraft is between 440-880 lbs. That is really a lot! It’s important to remember that a jet ski is also a very costly item. Thus, that makes it more hazardous to ship. We need to be certain that we ship this item carefully. When we want to do it by ourselves, without a help from a transport provider, we need to make up our minds about the best shipping vehicle. This should be a wise decision. It is reasonable to use a semi-trailer, minivan or a truck. Apart from that, it is really significant to think about shipping as well as securing the expensive cargo. You can protect watercraft’s corners using cardboard or just piece of fabric like blanket. Nevertheless, the best option is to cover the whole item with a textile or bubble wrap – anything that will protect the watercraft from scratches. On the road every vibration can cause unwanted destruction, thus it is important to properly secure your costly load.

During the shipping the load should be fastened with dedicated belts because it shouldn’t move on the way. Due to the fact that a jet ski is rather heavy it should be placed near the wheel axle. Otherwise, it could destroy the back of the vehicle. Jet ski doesn’t have any wheels, so during loading you ought to use a machine such as a little crane to move up the item. An entry platform could be useful as well.

If you don't feel like doing it by yourself, it is advisable to find a transport provider. If you need to quickly and successfully search for transport companies specializing in quite a unique delivery, you must use Clicktrans.com. A few minutes after you list an item, thousands of haulers will be notified about your need. This is the best way to receive good and cut-price offers. In addition, during a research on Clicktrans, check if a hauler you desire offers a cargo insurance. Personal watercrafts are quite expensive, thus it is wise to secure the freight in case of an unfortunate event happening during shipment. This way you'll have a chance to get compensation.

The price of shipping watercraft might depend on many things such as the length of the road or the type of transportation that we expect (for exmple whether a semi-trailer or a van will be used). As an example, a shipping of a watercraft with semi-trailer from Portsmouth (United Kingdom) to Legnica (Poland) cost about £225. That included travelling by ferry with a load.