jach zaglowy (No. 6397703)

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Item width [m]:


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Total weight [kg]:


Distance: 1011.00 km

Pick-up address and date

France, Provence-Alpes-Côte D'azur, Port-Saint-Louis-Du-Rhône

From 3 Aug 2020 to 30 Sep 2020

Delivery address and date

Germany, Hesse, Frankfurt

From 3 Aug 2020 to 30 Sep 2020

Yachts transportation

Transporting a boat takes particular machinery as well as thorough arrangements. A yacht is an awfully prone to damage and expensive load. Possible damages (which are quite easy to obtain) may seriously diminish the boat’s financial worth. That’s the reason it would be smart to hire an experienced transport provider to ship a yacht – his experience and abilities will be your insurance that transported yacht will arrive at its destination without any problems.

Nevertheless regardless of whether you decide to hire a transport provider to transport a yacht, you need to do a few things yourself. First of all, measure the exact dimensions of your sailing boat. You can rely on what the manufacturer tells you, however it would be best to take the dimensions of the yacht personally, as even minor differences in values can make shipping more difficult and sometimes even impossible. There are three dimensions you should know while searching for someone to transport your sailing boat: the length, the height and the beam. Length of the yacht is measured from the bow all the way to the transom. The yacht length does not include any attachments, e.g. an outboard motor. The height of the yacht should be measured from the keel to the highest point of the vessel. As for the beam – it should be checked at the widest point of the boat, usually in the middle of the boat.

Remember that taking precise dimensions of the yacht does not only affect the security of the transport but additionally its price. More than that, it can also affect the time of a day the transportation may take place – as in some countries the loads above a certain size are not allowed on the road in certain times of a day.

Of course, the most risk-free way to transport a yacht is by using a trailer dedicated to transporting a boat or a semitrailer (depending on how big the boat is). If you choose to hire a transport provider, you do not need to worry about proper way to secure it – the hauler will take care of that. When looking for a right transport provider, make sure he has a carrier liability insurance, that will enable you to demand a compensation if anything should happen to your boat in transportation.

The price of yacht shipment largely hinges on the dimensions of the boat and how long the route is. Other price-defining factor is the weather – harsh weather conditions can cause the boat to damage. In case your boat may be transported in varying weather conditions, the hauler must secure it properly, and it could raise the price of the shipment.