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Honda NC750X

(No. 2065695)

Make and model:

Honda NC750X 2230mm x 845mm x 1350mm

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Distance: 839.00 km

Additional information:

I have some flexibility on dates however the pickup date can be no earlier than Mon 23rd Oct and the drop off no later than Thur 9th Nov. Please indicate what insurance cover is provided for the bike during transportation. I will need documentation to provide satisfactory evidence of the date of entry of a vehicle into the State to aid VRT registration.

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300 €

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03-10-2017, 20:27

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from 2017-10-08 to 2017-10-09


After 2 days

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Delivery van

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Price (incl. tax): 300 €

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Eanna N. (Customer)
04-10-2017, 10:03
Thank you for your quote. Do you have any availability to deliver within this window? No earlier than Mon 23rd Oct and the drop off no later than Thur 9th Nov?
Mariola Ł. (Transport Provider)
04-10-2017, 10:56
yes.no problem
Eanna N. (Customer)
04-10-2017, 12:33
Thanks. I am interested however before accepting the quote, can you please answer these questions. offered insurance? type of transport? how will motorbike be secured?
Mariola Ł. (Transport Provider)
04-10-2017, 18:13
goods in transport insurance up to 50k euros. transport will be on covered luton van, bike will be secured by the transportation belts, please accept my bid, will send you an email with pictures hwo we trasport motobikes, than you
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Transport motocykli lub skuterów

Motorcycles and mopeds are not only worth a lot, but also not easy to secure when transported. However, it turns out that everything depends on how we do it and how much previous experience with shipping we have gathered. It is feasible to transport a motorcycle or a moped without obstacles, undoubtedly. The way you will secure it depends on the method of transportation. Owing to some valuable advice you will avoid any scratches, and dents that may happen when a moped or motorcycle is not properly secured.

When you are shipping your motorcycle on a trailer you will need four belts to strap it down. If you use a trailer which is dedicated for motorcycles or scooters, it already has been equipped with the rail that stabilises the motorcycle. In this situation you will need only 2 strapping belts. It is important to use a closed hook at the ends of the belts, rather than an open one. The closed hook will not open up by accident during the shipment.

It is also worth checking the sharp edges or objects that may possibly cut the belts and hinder your efforts. It's also feasible to transport a motorbike inside a van. The protection and equipment obligatory to keep the motorcycle resting safely in one place will not differ too much from other methods mentioned above. One thing to be considered will be the installation of the side pads to secure the insides of the car and other objects that will be transported just next to the motorbike.

There are also platforms that hooked to a car or another vehicle, can let you ship your motorbike without occupying the entire space in the van.


It is important to check with the shipping company if the equipment they provide will be enough to transport your motorcycle. For example, using a wooden platform for lifting your scooter and loading it in a truck could be dangerous to people providing the service or pedestrians passing by, but could also cause severe damage to your motorbike/motorcycle.


When posting your request on Clicktrans you will surely get  multiple great quotes from shipping providers registered on Clicktrans.

Many of these companies can adjust the transport, so that they can utilise the full capacity of their vans. Thanks to that, shipment gets cheaper and more eco-friendly with decreasing number of ”empty running”.  

Pick-up address and date

Spelthorne, TW15 2BW, United Kingdom

Flexible dates

Delivery address and date

Owenboy Park, Cobh, Ireland

Flexible dates