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Glass door, packed x 1, Metal Rail x 1 (No. 8052184)

Glass door, packed x 1, Metal Rail x 1
Length x Width x Height
Glass door, packed
110 x 40 x 215 cm
45 kg
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Metal Rail
220 x 30 x 30 cm
5 kg
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Is it packed?
Total weight:
50 kg
923 km
Assistance with loading and unloading:
Not required
Private person

Pick-up address and date

Germany, North Rhine-Westphalia, Bielefeld

From 19 Oct 2021 to 2 Nov 2021

Delivery address and date

Austria, Vienna, Vienna

Flexible dates


When transporting glass, the hardest part is securing the load for the transport. In this case simple cardboard box will not be sufficient. You have to fill the gaps between your load and walls of the package with substances that can stop any jolting of the glassware during transport. Good way to guarantee that is to fill the package with Styrofoam or soft materials that will block possible jolting and save your fragile cargo from breaking. Additionally you should wrap your load with bubble wrap, especially all the elements that are thin and extra fragile. Close the bubble wrap with adhesive tape to make sure the bubble wrap won’t unfold during transport. When you are done wrapping, you should pack all of the empty space left in the box – with some spongy material or even pieces of cardboard.

If you have to transport big elements of glassware (like mirrors or window glass) you ought to not only protect it from shattering, but also from scratching. You must surround the glass with thick sheet of bubble wrap, fasten it with Scotch tape and deposit it in a box. Make sure to write on top of the container that it contains glassware. You may also use pre-made stickers for fragile packages.

Small glassware (like goblets or bottles} could be secured by outdated magazines, paper or even towels. Next step is to place them in a box so that they won't touch during shipment. The same way you can transport porcelain and crystals. When shipping bigger glassware elements (like chandeliers) it is good to add an extra layer of soft materials, like sponge or towels.

Price of glassware shipment is determined by weight and dimensions of the cargo, route lenght and delivery dates. Other price-defining factor is whether or not you want to use expert packing materials as well as guidance securing the cargo.