ganzer LKW (No. 7284025)

ganzer LKW

Item length [m]:


Item width [m]:


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Total weight [kg]:


Type of service:

Transportation only

Is it palletised?:


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Packaging description:

diverse neue Möbel und andere Sachen

Dimensions are approximate

Distance: 1883.00 km

Pick-up address and date

Germany, Bavaria, Munich

26 Apr 2021

Delivery address and date

Spain, Balearic Islands, Ibiza

28 Apr 2021

Full truck load

Full truck load (FTL) is a way of transport typically being used by companies. Now and then private individuals also use this shipment option, especially when they are planning to move and need to move plenty of furniture with them. FTL is a beneficial method for the transport companies too, because they don’t have to waste valuable hours on notification, invoicing or waiting for loading in numerous places.

There are some common aspects that have to be reflected on earlier than requesting the FTL transport. First of all, a principal should determine a method of loading and unloading. When the commodity is situated on pallets you could use a forklift truck that will ease the process. When it comes to small pieces of timber or powders, you should examine with the hauler if there is need for a tarpaulin to be situated on the top of the transported objects.

Also, when shipping fruits and vegetables, meat or plants, a transport company is expected to guarantee a freezer truck.

After agreeing on the status of a shipment, you can start searching for a transport provider at the transport marketplace, like Thanks to the fact that the offers get to thousands of transport providers with years of experience and special equipment, you can get an exceptional service at affordable price.