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Furniture Listed: 2017-03-10 21:33

Furniture of 1 bedroom apartment

(No. 1679040)

Type of service:

Transport with assistance with loading and unloading

Distance: 20.00 km


When you plan to ship furniture, for example because you move flat or you would like to rejuvenate current apartment, it’s important to be aware of some actions that will aid to move furnishings without a hussle. Otherwise, the issues you may encounter might cost you a lot, starting from the marks on your favored furnishing, replacing damaged furniture with new ones. Firstly, it is necessary to empty the furniture, wipe it with a cloth or use a spray suitable for cleaning furnishing (wooden, plastic, metal – whatever material your furnishing are built of). Moreover, it is worth to consider to disassemble the furnishing if feasible. When it comes the old furnishing it is not as simple as with the new ones, that you probably constructed by yourself in the first place. Old furniture sometimes tend to loose their shape or simply break if you are trying to dismantle them. If your furnishing is quite sizable (door, wardrobe, shelf) you need to know the exact size, in particular height, width and lenght. If you want to transport household appliances like washing  mashine or a dishwasher make sure that they are turned off, empty, clean and there are no leftovers or water inside. Whatever you do, when disassembling furnishings you have the obligation to secure it with precision – unless you pay a transport company to do it. When transporting it yourself use bubble wrap, blankets, polistyren foam, stretch foil etc. Make sure the fragile parts like furniture ornaments, sharp edges, glass,  etc. are securedTo ensure that the protection stays untouched you could strap it with a duct tape. To find plausible transport company check them on Clicktrans.com, where after adding your delivery you will receive quotes from verified transport providers. For the eco-friendly and enviromentally friendly service, remember to describe thoroughly the furniture, its dimensions, weight, removabl elements, requirements for transport (securing materials, best position during transport) and one of the most important – the route. The price of the shipping is influeneced by all things mentioned above.

Pick-up address and date

Kasztanowa 9, Gdańsk, 80-540, Poland

15 Mar 2017

Delivery address and date

Achillesa, Gdańsk, Poland

15 Mar 2017