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drzwi samnochodowe

(No. 3009912)
drzwi samnochodowe

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Type of service:

Transportation only

Distance: 604.00 km

Other Machinery and Equipment

Other Machinery and Equipment subsection consist of all the transport offers that can not be placed in one of the available Machinery and Equipment subcategories: Industrial Equipment, Household Appliances, Consumer Electronics, Sport Equipment, Garden Equipment and Office Supplies.

Shipment of machines as well as equipment normally requires the transport provider to have experience with similar cargo as well as professional knowledge. The load needs to be properly secured to prevent probable damages, scratches and malfunctions. The most common machinery and equipment that needs to be transported is: millers, medical equipment, vending machines and many more.

Cost of transporting machinery or equipment

Prices of shipping machinery or equipment generally is determined by dimensions, shape as well as weight of the load and also transport length. Often machinery shipment equals oversize freight – if so transport provider must have needed certificates and expert know-how in the subject.

Indubitably cost of transport depends on the length between loading and unloading place . E.g., on routes shorter than 1000 km usual cost for 1 kilometer is almost 2 zl whereas on longer routes the average price for 1 km lowers to approximately 0,45 PLN – and sometimes quotes are as low as 0,19 PLN for 1 kilometer!

Use Other Machinery and Equipment subsection if you have to transport machines you could not place in different subcategories – like vending machines, mowers, ice-cream machines and so on. 

Pick-up address and date

Puchaczów, Poland

25 Jul 2018

Delivery address and date

Gdańsk, Poland

1 Aug 2018