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Transport with assistance with loading and unloading

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Consumer electronics

In the consumer electronics category you will find TVs, Bluray players, CD recorders, radio receivers and all kinds of other electronic devices, usually used at home.

Packing consumer electronics for the transport

Durability of the package in which you wish to ship your consumer electronics should fit the dimensions of the cargo and also its heaviness. The safest method of packing consumer electronics for the transport, is using its original box, as it is best suited for the device. However, if you lost the original packaging, you need to at least try to minimize the amount of extra space in the cardboard box after placing your electronic devices in. Filling empty space with styrofoam or newspapers will lower the possibility of your load moving around the cardboard during shipment. In case of emergency breaking or a sudden turn, your cargo could become severely flawed, if you don’t confirm it doesn’t move around the box and the vehicle. Plus, before putting your consumer electronics in the cardboard, you should wrap it in bubble wrap to make it even more resistant to getting damaged during transport. Additionally it is crucial to remove any small elements that stick out from the main device (like antennas or power cords), secure them in bubble wrap and transport them separately. If you are in need of shipping some very big items, they should be placed on pallets. Then you may wrap them in stretch wrap – again, making sure that the goods cannot move around during shipment and that they won’t project beyond the pallet outline. 

The cost of transporting consumer electronics

The cost of transporting electronic devices usually is based on the route length and the dimensions of the load and also its weight. Another cost deciding factor is whether or not you have the original box. If you want help from the transport provider with finding fitting packaging as well as securing the cargo, the price of shipping your consumer electronics may be higher. 

Pick-up address and date

Zürich, Switzerland

From 30 May 2018 to 26 Jun 2018

Delivery address and date

Córdoba, Argentina

Flexible dates