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ciągnik siodłowy

(No. 2532572)
ciągnik siodłowy

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Distance: 1082.00 km

Other vehicles

Among the other vehicles subsection you won’t find the best known machines used for transportation, such as cars or motorcycles, but other vehicles that may be in need of transportation. Other vehicles is the section where you can place a listing involving transportation of: quad bikes, bicycles, farm machinery, caravans, snowmobiles, vehicle accessories as well as any other vehicle in need of shipment.

The best way to transport your machine used for transportation primarily is determined by its size, condition the vehicle is in, how long the route is and also the amount of time you can spend on this task. For instance, a bicycle could be transported on the roof (or else on the back) of your vehicle – assuming that the road is not very long or you have sufficient amount of time available. But that won’t be true for all the vehicles – a tractor cannot be transported by a car, it doesn’t matter how short the route or how much time you’ve got.

Better part of vehicles in Other vehicles category are impossible to transport individually, because of their dimensions and weight. You should look for assistance from a professional hauler. It is a serious matter to select a transport provider thoughtfully, as all vehicles may be considered „difficult” cargo and require not only certain means of transportation, but also knowledge on the best way to secure them properly. Remember that such vehicles may weight over a ton! If you cannot secure such a mass properly, it may turn into a real danger to other road users. To transport smaller machines, such as quad bikes or jet skis you will need a trailer (preferably a trailer intended for a certain type of cargo). But the larger vehicles (like farm machinery) must be transported by a trailer truck.

You should look for a hauler with a carrier liability insurance. Most of the vehicles you may need to transport are quite costly loads, and therefore it’s best you safeguard yourself if something should happen to your cargo. A carrier liability insurance enables you to repayment if your cargo damages during transportation.

The cost of vehicle shipment mostly hinges on the weight of the vehicle as well as it’s condition (if it works or not). Other price-defining factor is the route length as well as the route type (if the route is domestic or international).

Pick-up address and date

Munich, Germany

Flexible dates

Delivery address and date

Jedlińsk, 26-660, Poland

Flexible dates