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carretilla elecadora electrica (No. 4035302)

carretilla elecadora electrica

Make and model:

carretilla elevadora electrica altura 2.70 m\anchura 1.50\largo2.30 peso 3400kls

Item length [m]:


Item width [m]:


Item height [m]:


Total weight [kg]:


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Dimensions are approximate

Distance: 544.00 km

Tractors & Farm machinery

Typically shipping tractors and farm machines requires over-size freight. Between “farm machines” one may find machinery such as: harvesters, broadcast seeders, threshing machines, lawnmowers, hay rakes and many more. Farm machines as a consequence of their large size are treated as unusual cargo. Majority of them are not allowed to use the routes in Poland and in the Europe due to their size and axle load exceeding both Poland’s and European Union’s law.

How to transport farm machines?

To safely transport farm machines normally you’ll need jumbo trailer or low-loader semi-trailer. Possible transport providers should obtain right platform carrier that qualify for transporting machines weighting up to several tones, such as combine harvesters. Transport provider that is taking transport job involving farm machines ought to be prepared for shipping non-standard items in non-standard shapes and sizes. It would be best if he has earlier experience as well as required equipment. When transporting goods which size exceeds applicable norms, the transport provider is required to gain necessary permit.

Price of farm machinery shipment

Price of farm machinery transport depends on its size, weight and state the machinery is in. Transport price is also influenced by the transport distance and whether there are set picking terms and unloading terms.

Pick-up address and date

Las Ventas de Retamosa, 45183, Spain

From 12 Mar 2019 to 15 Mar 2019

Delivery address and date

Antas, 04628, Spain

From 15 Mar 2019 to 18 Mar 2019