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Distance: 110.00 km

Transporting a caravan

Moving a caravan is frequently associated with great deal of problems, but in fact it is much easier than we realize. If you want to ship a caravan on your own, remember to check if your driving license allows you to do it.

Kinds of caravans

1) Conventional caravan – as can be deduced from the name, this is the most popular kind of caravan. This type has 4 sturdy walls and a full height rood. It might range in length as well as in the number of rooms, but in general it ensures quite convenient travelling environment. Conventional caravans may have 1 or two axles.

2) Tent trailer – is a type of caravan that is a good choice if you need to lower the costs. It can be towed by nearly every car and often contains most of the elementary equipment, such as hot water or a fridge. It gives you considerable amount of living space but offers much less wind resistance than a conventional caravan.

C Pop-top caravans -  they are very much alike conventional caravans with the exception of a expendable roof, that helps expanding the living space. Pop-top caravans, much like a tent trailer provides very little wind resistance.

4) Pop-out caravans – this kind of caravan has all the advantages of a pop-top caravan and additional expandable area on the foot and the head of the vehicle, which is a convienient spot to place additional beds, in case you need them. Pop-out caravans are the most popular among big families.

5) Camper trailers – they offer less living space than the types described before, but thanks to having all the elementary equipment (shower, fridge and so on) it is a convenient as well as economical way of travelling. 

F The fifth-wheeler – this is the largest type of caravan. It provides with very big amount of living space, so that whole families can travel pleasantly. Due to its considerable size,  the fifth-wheeler must be towed by a larger vehicle instead of a regular car (such as a pickup truck).

It is not always possible to transport a caravan on your own – such decision depends on whether you have enough time to drive needed distance and whether the caravan itself is functional.

If you want to find a transport company to ship your caravan, double-check if you have the precise dimensions of the caravan. Also make sure that its insurance hasn’t expired. Futhermore, warn the transport provider about state of the caravan – for example whether lights work properly.

When hiring a transport provider to transport your caravan you do not have to worry about your driving license or crossing the borders  - all the procedures concern the transport provider. Moreover, transport companies frequently have product liability insurance, which ensures you a compensation, should anything happens with the caravan during transportation.

Price of moving a caravan

Cost of shipping a caravan hinges on its dimensions and weight (similar tomost types of loads}. Other than that , the cost is also affected by the state of the caravan – if it is able to drive on its own, you are likely to get cheaper price.

Pick-up address and date

Vilanova de Prades, 43439, Spain

28 May 2018

Delivery address and date

Solsona, Spain

28 May 2018