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bele siana 200 szt (No. 2989932)

Total weight [kg]:


Distance: 167.00 km

Pick-up address and date

Lithuania, Vilnius County, Kalesninkai

21 Jul 2018

Delivery address and date

Poland, Podlaskie Voivodeship, Soliny

31 Jul 2018

Food transport

Food is one of the categories that has the most detailed rules concerning storage and shipping. The main reason is the danger of products getting rotten when stored and transported incorrectly. The possible transport provider should uphold the norm of storage and shipping food so as to protect the food from spoiling and thus getting damaged irreversibly. The transport provider also needs to obtain essential permissions stating that he is fitted to safely transport agriculture products as well as has crucial equipment. One of the reasons food shipment has such strict standards is the diversity of the category – within “Food” category you may find: meat, dairy, frozen products, animal products, liquids, cereals and many others. Most of these requires its own special storing and shipping conditions, like specific temperature or humidity. Transport providers that are willing to transport food ought to keep the delivery date, due to the often short expiration dates of the cargo. They also should guarantee that the food is secured well and protected from weather conditions. In addition a transport provider who is willing to transport food products, ought to acquire needed permissions from Food Standard Agency.

Cost of food shipping

Cost of food transportation varies hugely, since the section is really diverse. Similarly to the majority of the loads, the price of transport depends on the dimensions and weight of the load and route length and also whether the route crosses any borders. But with food transportation we can discern additional price-defining factor: whether your cargo requires specific environment for the transport. So if you have to ship a cargo that ought to be transported in particular temperature or humidity, it is best to be ready to pay higher price than you would while transporting e.g. pallets of comparable weight and dimensions.