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Autobus Mercedes OF1313 (No. 2421484)

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Distance: 145.00 km

Other vehicles

Among the other vehicles subsection you are not going to find the most common vehicles, for example cars and scooters, but all the other vehicles which may require transportation. Other vehicles is the section where you can place a listing concerning shipment of: jet skis, bicycles, farm machinery, caravans, snowmobiles, airplanes and all the other vehicle in need of transportation.

The optimal way to ship your machine used for transportation mainly depends on its weight, condition it’s in, the route length and the amount of time you can spend on this task. For instance, a bicycle can be transported on the roof (or on the back) of your car – assuming that the road is not long or you have enough time on your hands. However on the other hand – a tractor can’t be shipped by a car, it doesn’t matter how short the road and how much time you’ve got.

Most of vehicles in Other vehicles category are impossible to ship on your own, because of their size as well as weight. It’s best you find help from a skilled hauler. It is important to choose a hauler carefully, because all vehicles may be considered „demanding” loads and therefore require not only particular means of shipment, but also expertise on the best way to secure them properly. Remember that this type of cargo may weight more than 2200 lbs! If you fail to secure a mass this big properly, it could turn into a serious danger to other road users. To ship smaller machines, such as quad bikes or snowmobiles one will require a trailer (ideally a trailer intended for a certain type of load). However the larger vehicles (e. g. farm machinery) have to be shipped by a semi-trailer.

It is also smart to find a hauler that has a carrier liability insurance. Nearly all of the machines you may want to ship are pretty expensive loads, so it’s best you protect yourself in case anything happens to your cargo. A carrier liability insurance enables you to repayment if your load damages during shipment.

The cost of vehicle transportation primarily depends on the weight of the vehicle and the condition it’s in (if it is operational or not). Other price-defining factor is the route length and the (if the route is domestic or international).

Pick-up address and date

Wschowa, 67-400, Poland

From 13 Apr 2018 to 15 Apr 2018

Delivery address and date

Wolimierz, 59-820, Poland

From 13 Apr 2018 to 15 Apr 2018