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Anhänger Gelenkteleskopbühne

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Anhänger Gelenkteleskopbühne

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Trailer transportation

Trailers are usually used to ship various loads however there are occasions that it needs the shipping itself.If you are in need of transporting a damaged trailer, it is important to ensure that the chosen transport provider will know how to secure it safely for the time of transportation. Trailers can be divided into categories by their purpose: e.g. bicycle trailers, travel trailers, close-coupled trailers, livestock trailers or boat trailers. Sometimes trailers are also split by the number of axles (from single-axle to 6-axle).

 Trailers are a really diverse category of machines. They can noticeably vary in both size and purpose. In this section you will find utility trailers often used in common households as well as semi-trailers that are used for heavy shipping and must be pulled by a truck.

When it comes to defining a cost of trailer transportation, the most important price-defining factors are: the dimensions of the vehicle, its weight, how much time it will take to load it and unloading, the route length as well as the dates of pick-up and delivery. The more accurate the dimensions of the trailer given to the hauler will be, the more accurate the cost estimation you will get. Other than that, the cost of the trailer shipment hinges on whether or not the trailer is operational and whether or not the lights are undamaged. 

Pick-up address and date

Magdeburg, 39104, Germany

From 2 May 2018 to 3 May 2018

Delivery address and date

Pilsting, 94431, Germany

3 May 2018