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Transport zwierząt

Pets transport

In the situation when you plan to ship your pets it is essential to inform transport provider the species of animal, bread, how much it weighs and detailed description of the animal itself and the aid it may need during the journey. It is important to be aware that your animal oughtn’t be  ill or injured while being shipped by you or third party.

If you plan to ship dog, ferret or a cat you need to arrange identification microchip implanting under your pet’s skin and make sure it has an updated vaccination against rabies. It becomes valid after 21 days from the day of vaccination of a puppy. Your pupil has to be 3 months old or more.


What documents do you need?

Your dog, cat or a ferret must have a passport with the details of the authorised vaccination against rabies and tapewarm, issued by profesional vet. Having pet passport up to date is essential when travelling because all medical notes your animal  undergone are there. Find out whether your vet issues pet passports, and if the answer is no,  ask for the one living nearby who can issue the passport.

How to transport pupils?


You may move with your pet if you own a suitable transport bag designed for this purpose. For shipping your pet by yourself or with transport provider you will need to arrange: necessary a transporter, security pad,blanket. When you choose the transporter, the one factor that should be taken into account is the safety of your animal.


Pick-up address and date

Warsaw, Poland

Flexible dates

Delivery address and date

Toronto, Canada

Flexible dates