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7m3 - cartons boxes + unmounted furniture (No. 5213574)

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Type of service:

Transportation with assistance in loading and unloading

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Distance: 830.00 km

Pick-up address and date

Czech Republic, Střední Čechy, Beroun

From 7 Oct 2019 to 12 Oct 2019

Delivery address and date

Poland, Pomeranian Voivodeship, Gdynia

From 8 Oct 2019 to 14 Oct 2019


Changing a place of living is in majority of cases a problematic and time-consuming process, but when you prepare it before, you will surely deal with it without obstacles.

Firstly, it is necessary to categorise the items that are going to be moved. If you have not used a particular item for months or it has been damaged, it is reasonable to hand it over to someone who could use it again, or recycle it . 

In order to pack the rest of the objects, you may use strong cartons that should be available in the nearest store. 

Remember to distribute the objects equally, e. g. split up the books into multiple cartons to make the removal easier. Labelling each box will help you to unpack in your new place. Bulky parts of furniture could be disassembled to avoid any damage and to make the transport provider's job easier. 

If you have protective equipment, such as stretch foil or bubble foil, you should use them to wrap the more delicate items. It's worth using blankets, sheets and ordinary adhesive tape, and wrap tiny items in clothes or towels before placing them in the cardboard box.

If you plan to hire a transport company it is essential to provide information about the following things: kind of service, if you need an assistance in loading and unloading, the floor an apartment is situated on, access to stairs, elevator access, possible obstacles on the way to the destination location and any special requirements that apply to some transported items.  

When posting your request on Clicktrans you will surely get  plenty of great quotes from transport companies who have their account on Clicktrans. 

Many of these companies can arrange the transport, so that they can use the full capacity of their cars. Thanks to that, transport gets cheaper and more environmentally friendly with less and less ”empty running”.