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4 Felga 21 cali (No. 6216864)

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Distance: 716.00 km

Pick-up address and date

Poland, Lesser Poland Voivodeship, Kraków

From 12 Jun 2020 to 19 Jun 2020

Delivery address and date

Poland, West Pomeranian Voivodeship, Gryfice

From 12 Jun 2020 to 26 Jun 2020

Vehicle accessories and parts

Car parts as well as accessories is a really large and various category, where you will encounter elements crucial for a vehicle to function properly, for example: fuel tank, car wheels or battery as well as accessories not essential for the car to function properly, but designed to upgrade your car and make using it safer or more convenient, e.g.: windshield, fog light or radio player.

Vehicle elements and accessories are considered a possibly difficult type of cargo, mainly because the section is really diverse and therefore needs to be secured with extra caution. Car parts as well as gadgets don’t have to be very large in size however they can be considerably heavy as well as uneven in structure, which makes storing it in a transporting vehicle more difficult. Additionally irregular shape makes preparing the cargo for transportation more tricky, because any element that sticks out is particularly prone to damage during shipping.

Vehicle elements, no matter if they are heavy or large are quite fragile in transportation – even lesser bumps can cause dents, which can affect the work of the item.

It’s crucial to ensure that the vehicle parts and gadgets are correctly fastened in the transporting vehicle. They cannot move while being transported, even during fast turn or abrupt braking. Fastening shipped car elements is crucial not only because of the risk of damaging the load. Considerable weight of the most vehicle parts can also pose a real danger for the hauler and other road users if the cargo was not secured properly.

The cost of car parts and gadgets transportation is problematic to estimate, mainly due to it being a really wide and diverse category of cargos. Among price-defining factors you will find: dimensions as well as weight of the load, how long the route is and also any unusual requirements that ought to be met while the load is shipped.