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3 Figurki (No. 368763)

3 Figurki

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Type of service:

Transportation with assistance in loading and unloading

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folua babelkowa

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Distance: 540.30 km

Pick-up address and date

Polska, Lubuskie, Otyń

From 3 Apr 2016 to 4 Apr 2016

Delivery address and date

Niemcy, Norymberga

From 3 Apr 2016 to 4 Apr 2016

Other loads

Other loads deliveries

The price of load delivery depends on the dimensions of the items that are to be shipped, pickup and delivery dates and route length between the pickup and destination point.

Categories of loads

Load transport is classified into subcategories, like pallets transport, part truck loads, full truck loads, direct truck loads, container and dumper truck.

Pallet transport

Pallets serve as a platform on which one can safely put smaller objects and sets of items. The most popular type of them are EPALs. What can you move on pallets? Mostly furniture, food, glass, parcels, construction materials, windows or chemical materials.


LTL is a kind of transport in which the cargo needs to be shipped by a heavy loaded-truck. However, the load fills not whole space in a van. For this type of transport you utilise tractor unit, semi-truck, cooling van or isothermal car.


FTL is a kind of transport in which the cargo takes the entire space in a car. For this type of shipment you could use multiple kinds of heavy-loaded trucks.


Shipping particular kinds of items may require containers – especially when transporting liquids and powdery materials. In containers you can without any problem transport tiny objects in metal chests, packages, cartoon boxes or bags. It is also possible to transport pallets this way.


Dump truck transport

Tipper lorry is generally used to transport liquids and powdery materials. You can easily recognise that vehicle by the typically tilted loading containter.


Other loads

Objects that cannot be easily assigned to any of the categories mentioned before can be labeled as „other loads”. Among them you can find: scaffold transport, windows transport or excavator shipping.