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Motorcycles & Scooters Listed: 2018-05-24 16:04

2 Motorbikes

(No. 2746008)

Make and model:

ZEV LRC-T15 and ZEV 2700L

Total weight [kg]:


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Distance: 2189.00 km

Additional information:

2 BIKES 235 KGS and 117 KGS = 352 KGS I need these 2 bikes in Lisbon as soon as possible

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900 €

Company ID: 334372
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25-05-2018, 14:41

Pick-up dates available:

from 2018-06-07 to 2018-06-08


After 5 days

Transport type:

Delivery Van

Quote expires on

2018-06-01, 00:00

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We have available an especially equipped sprinter van with 3-Metre-long full width tail ramp providing straight forward loading and unloading. Using the latest securing techniques with heavy duty roll in chocks and constant tensioning straps which allows normal suspension movement during transit. This greatly reduces the risk of overloading fork seals compared to being secured using traditional methods.

Price (incl. tax): 900 €

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Anthony R. (Customer)
25-05-2018, 15:04
Thank you very much for your quote.I was hoping for an earlier pickup date but if no other earlier offer comes through I will come back to you before the first of June.
Andrew W. (Transport Provider)
25-05-2018, 15:10
That's perfectly understandable Anthony. I'm in Barcelona until next weekend so couldn't help any sooner. Remember and check insurance cover on any other quotes as Goods in Transit nor CMR cover motorbikes.Hope you get sorted out ok.
Anthony R. (Customer)
25-05-2018, 15:53
Thank you very much Andy, I really want to use you as I was very impressed with your setup, and reccomendations. I hope to be able to come back to you in the next few days.
Andrew W. (Transport Provider)
26-05-2018, 17:28
Anthony can you confirm bike dimensions when you get the chance please? Just to make sure we have enough space before you accept the quote. Will help you get accurate price from other transporters as well. Cheers, Andy
Anthony R. (Customer)
26-05-2018, 22:55
Hi Andy The big bike is a Zev LEC-T15 Ready to drive curb weight of 516 lbs. Wheelbase 69.375 inches. Tire size. 130/60-13 Rear, 120/70-12 Front. P Speed rated to 93 mph. Ground Clearance 5.5 inches. Front wheel track 17.59 inches. (tire center to center) Outside to Outside of tires, 22.5 inches. The Small bike is a ZEV 2700 Vehicle Curb Weight 117 kg / 258 lbs. Wheelbase: 53.5 inches For more details and photos google them. Very warm regards Tony
Andrew W. (Transport Provider)
27-05-2018, 21:19
That's great Tony, thanks. We can accommodate those as per quote if you decide to go ahead. Cheers for now, Andy
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Motorcycles & Scooters

Motorcycles and mopeds are not only worth a lot, but also difficult to protect while being shipped. However, it turns out that everything depends on how we do it and how much previous experience with shipping we got. It is feasible to ship a motorbike or a moped without obstacles, no doubts about that. The way it will be secured depends on the mean of transportation. Thanks to some helpful tricks you can avoid any scratches, and dents that often happen if a moped or motorbike is not properly cared for.

When you are shipping your motorbike on a trailer you will need 4 belts to strap it down. If you use a trailer specially dedicated for motorcycles or scooters, it already has been equipped with the rail that stabilises the motorcycle. In this case you will need only two belts. It is essential to use a closed hook at the ends of the belts, rather than an open one. The closed hook will not open up by accident during the transport.

It is also worth checking the sharp angles or items that may possibly tear up the belts and make the safe transport impossible. It's also possible to transport a motorbike inside a truck. The protection and equipment necessary to keep the motorcycle resting safely in one place will not vary too much from other methods mentioned above. One thing to be considered will be installing the side pads to protect the insides of the van and other objects that will be transported next to the motorcycle.

There are also platforms that hooked to a truck or another vehicle, can let you transport your motorcycle without occupying the entire space in the van.


Do not forget to check with the transport company if the equipment they provide will be sufficient to transport your motorcycle. For example, using a wooden stand for lifting your scooter and loading it in a van could pose danger to people providing the service or pedestrians passing by, but could also cause serious damage to your motorbike/motorcycle.


When putting an offer on Clicktrans you will surely get  plenty of great offers from shipping companies registered on Clicktrans.

Many of these companies can adjust the transport, so that they can use the full capacity of their trucks. Thanks to that, the service gets cheaper and more eco-friendly with decreasing number of ”empty running”.  

Pick-up address and date

London Road, Crawley, United Kingdom

From 24 May 2018 to 30 May 2018

Delivery address and date

Lisboa, Portugal

Flexible dates