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2 lamps (No. 7226022)

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Type of service:

Transportation only

Packaging description:

2 lamps

Safety instructions:

Please be carefull

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Distance: 1862.00 km

Pick-up address and date

Sweden, Stockholms Län, Stockholm

Flexible dates

Delivery address and date

France, Île-De-France, Paris

Flexible dates

Antiques transportation

Antiques are part of one of the more problematic category of deliveries – Delicate Goods. That’s because the items are quite delicate and can be easily damaged during shipment. With antiques, there is also the matter of worth, because usually antiques are really expensive load. Therefore for a possible hauler antiques can be not only tricky but also possibly problematic cargo (usually the customer asks for at least some form of guarantee should anything happen to the cargo). Naturally it might have an impact on the price of transportation. Futhermore you might receive not as many quotes as you would receive when searching for e.g. pallet shipment, but you don’t have to worry about thst – with fragile goods transportation fewer quotes usually have nothing to do with their quality. The quotes you’ll receive, will be from transport providers who know how to best ship antiques.

What kind of things you’ll find in the Antiques section? Almost every item that is of considerable value due to how old and rare they are. By “antiques” people often mean very ancient wardrobes, tables, chairs and so on which value grew considerably with time. Is there any difference comparing regular furniture shipment and antiques shipment?

First of all, you should consider what they were made from. You must remember, that modern furniture are made with their shipment in mind. Sofas, chairs and tables can travel thousands of miles between the factory and the store and further to the client’s place. So it’s common for them to be made from strong materials that must be resistant to being shipped from place to place. With antiques the logic was quite different. The antique tables and wardrobes were often made by local manufacturers, and therefore there wasn’t any reason to transport the furniture on longer routes. That’s why they could be made  much more intricately as well as using even very fragile materials.

It can be challenging for modern transportation as well as for antiques owners – how to best secure antiques for transportation as well as how to without problems ship items that are that fragile and valuable. With extreme caution, that’s for sure. Remember to secure all the elements protruding from the main shape of your load using some bubble wrap. When shipping antiques in a box, remember to use a thick layer of foam peanuts – they are meant to eliminate any tremors on the road, which might damage your cargo.

When thinking about shipment of antique furniture there is another thing to remember – most of them cannot be dismantled safely and that’s why they ought to be shipped in one piece. This affects the choice of a proper vehicle, as not every delivery van will be able to safely fit an antique furniture set.

As stated before, antiques are an expensive cargo, and that’s why it’s smart to search for a transport provider with carrier liability insurance. This will enable you to compensation in case something happen to your cargo during shipment. Naturally it would be smartest to search for a hauler that has previous history with shipping antiques, as with delicate loads, professional transport provider’s know-how cannot be overestimated.