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18 (No. 5523447)

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Dzień dobry, Chciałbym umówić transport z 68-120 Iłowa ul. Okrzei dz. 654 do Zabrza ul. Wolności 387 Są to spakowane paczki rusztowania elewacyjnego na paletach: Długość x szerokość x wysokość 1. 3,6x0,85x067 m 2. 3,1x1,0x0,98 m 3. 3,1x1,0x0,75 m 4. 2,2x0,9x1,25 m 5. 3,9x1,0x0,6 m 6. 2,2x0,9x1,15m 7. 1,25x0,9x1,1m Masa łączna 4,6 Termin transportu miedzy 2 a 4 grudnia. Prosze o informację zwrotną odnośnie kosztu Prosze o FV

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Distance: 307.00 km

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Poland, Lubusz Voivodeship, Iłowa

2 Dec 2019

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Poland, Silesian Voivodeship, Zabrze

4 Dec 2019

Full truck load

Full truck load (FTL) is a method of transport commonly being used by entreprises. Sometimes private individuals also benefit from this shipment method, principally if they are going to change their place of living and wish to keep a great amount of equipment with them. FTL is a practical solution for the transport firms as well, because they don’t have to waste valuable hours on notification, invoicing or a dealy caused by loading in various locations.

There are some crucial factors that need to be reflected on previous to requesting the FTL transport. To begin with, a person ordering should establish a method of loading and unloading. If the commodity is placed on pallets you may want to use a forklift truck which will make the processes much easier. In case of small pieces of timber or powders, you are advised to talk to the hauler if there is need for a tarpaulin to be situated on the top of the transported objects.

Finally, when delivering fruits and vegetables, meat or plants, a transport firm should provide a freezer vehicle.

After agreeing on the requirements of a shipment, you can begin looking for a transport provider at the transport marketplace, like Clicktrans.com. Owing to the fact that the offers are available for hundreds of transport providers with huge experience and necessary equipment, you can come across an exceptional service at affordable price.