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1 pallet de naranjas a Berlin, Alemania

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1 pallet de naranjas a Berlin, Alemania

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Transportation only

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Distance: 2205.00 km

Pallet transport

Pallet transport

Pallets are utilised to ship deliveries of different sorts – they work as "a cushion" for carrying sets of small packets, items or some heavy furniture difficult to move. Pallet shipping is one of the most frequently chosen kind of transport for moving heavy objects.On pallets you often ship items above 70 kg ranging from iron gates, boxes, construction appliance etc. To get the best price for transporting pallets from skilled shipping providers that specialise in pallets shipping list your delivery on Clicktrans. The key aspect in calculating pallet shipping is to know the precise number, weight and type of items that will be transported. Loaded pallets are lifted by forklifts.

Europallets and other types of pallets 

Europallet, otherwise called EPAL or EURO is the one most frequently utilised in pallets transport. Its standard size is 800x1200x150 milimeters. These numbers can vary depending on the type and application of a pallet, however europalet size is rather consistent from one manufacturer to another. In the industrial shipping there are also so-called EUR2 pallets. They are 1000 mm wide, 1.2m long and 144mm tall.  The ones 1135 x 1133 milimeters are for shipping intermodal conteiners. Often, wooden pallets are overtaken by plastic ones due to their longer usability. Plastic pallet can be useful from 10 up to 15 years.

Cost of pallets transport in the EU

Average cost of pallets shipping on global routes is 120 GPB and 10p per km.

Pick-up address and date

Burjassot, 46100, Spain

Flexible dates

Delivery address and date

Berlin, 10117, Germany

Flexible dates