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1 kajak (No. 6078357)

Item length [m]:


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Dimensions are approximate

Distance: 656.00 km

Pick-up address and date

Germany, Bavaria, Wildsteig

From 11 May 2020 to 17 May 2020

Delivery address and date

Germany, Berlin, Berlin

From 18 May 2020 to 20 May 2020

How to transport a kayak?

Due to its untypical shape and size transporting kayaks may be a challenge. Kayaks are usually transported on top of the car. To achieve this you need to use roof racks with special roof rack towers. Placing a canoe on roof racks to make it stay still as well as secured during a long-lasting travel may be difficult. There is an easy tip that makes it possible. Put some squashy textile on the roof rack. It will act as a slip resistant pad.

Canoes are supposed to be secured on the roof of the vehicle in an inverted position by special stretchy belts connected to metal buckles. Use at least two straps. Moreover, don’t forget to grab an additional strap with you – on condition one of the belts gets damaged during transportation. When you ship a kayak using your vehicle make sure the load isn’t too weighty for your vehicle. It is very important in case you plan to ship more than one canoe. Before you start the car make sure again if all the belts are used properly. Do not pull the belts too hard though. They could damage the kayaks. On the way your load isn’t supposed to move. If you hear any noise coming from the roof, pull over and quickly check the situation. Remember – not only your safety is at risk, but also people’s driving close to you.

Having kayaks on the roof should mobilize the driver to drive cautiously and slowly. Also, remember to pull over regularly to overview the situation on the rooftop of your vehicle. Furthermore, it is important to follow the law in your country regarding transporting a huge load. In some countries drivers have to specially assign their load with flags and stripes. Check if you have any responsibilities according to local regulations. Do your research well before you start the journey. 

Cooperation with couriers

As you see, shipping kayaks on your own is not an easy task. Even though the canoes are quite light they are also quite huge. That is why the smartest way to handle the problem is to engage a courier.

Professionals are more experienced with unique cargo as well as use special equipment or vehicles on regular basis. The easiest way to find the right company for your needs is listing your cargo on Clicktrans.com. After presenting your kayaks and providing essential information, you will get quotes from couple haulers that specialize in shipping kayaks. You can compare costs, establish the facts with couriers as well as feel confident that your special items will be shipped on time and wherever you want.

The cost of canoe shipping

The price of shipping canoes depends on the quantity of the equipment, the weight and size of the load and, of course, the distance to travel. For example transporting a kayak internationally from UK to Poland costs around £70-£100.

As an example you can look up a few transactions on Clicktrans:

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