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Transport Car
Transport from Pontarlier, France
Transport to Boleslawiec, Poland

Often we need to transport a vehicle. For example, when you buy a new an auto or import it fromabroad such as Ireland, Germany...

Transport Car
Transport from Labergement-Sainte-Marie, France
Transport to Gromadka, Poland

There are many situations when people try to ship an auto. First of all, when we buy a brand new a vehicle or import it...

Transport Motorcycle
Transport from Villefranche-sur-Saone, France
Transport to Gromadka, Poland

Motorcycles and mopeds are not only expensive, but also hard to protect when transported. Though, it turns out that most...


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To ensure the safety of transactions completed at Clicktrans, we verify the details of all registered transport providers. 

There are two stages of account verification:

1) Company details verification
2) 1 EUR credit card verification payment.

In order to verify your account:
1. Complete your company details (My Profile > Company Details). 
You need to provide your private mobile phone number, so we can call you to verify your account.

2. Make a 1 EUR credit card payment.
Once you complete your company details,  click “Make a payment”. You will be prompted to pay by credit card through PayU online payment system.

3. Please send us a document confirming the registration of your company and a document confirming the company director’s identity (i.e. a utility bill or a bank account confirmation).
You can upload your documents using the form available at Clicktrans (My Profile > Company Details) or send them to
Please provide us with documents in a high resolution.

We do not disclose your documents to any third parties. Customers are only informed that your details have been verified by Clicktrans. The verification process usually takes up to three business days. 
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