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Transport Car
Transport from Shibuya, Japan
Transport to Dublin, Ireland

Often people need to ship a car. For example, when you purchase a new a car or import it from a different country such as...


Winning bids

Once your quote has been accepted, you’ll receive a confirmation email and your customer’s full contact information. It is up to the transport provider to ensure the customer is contacted and the delivery arrangements are set.

Remember that your quote is binding. The moment your quote is accepted, you will not be asked again to confirm it.  Accepting the quote is equivalent to entering into a contract.  

Once your quote is accepted, your will be charged a success fee (read more: Fees).

At the end of every transaction both you and the customer will be encouraged to provide feedback. It is an important element of the Clicktrans community to build your reputation and increase your chances of winning future jobs (read more: How can I provide customer feedback?). 

If your quote isn’t valid any more, please withdraw it at your earliest convenience (read more: Withdrawing a quote).

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