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I bring up various aspects of transport into discussion. I am particularly interested in the role of human beings in transport world and the other way around - how this environment influences transporters.

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how to effectively move a king-size bed 0

How to transport a bed?

Have you ever dreamt of a huge, comfy bed? Well, probably most of us have, especially after a week-long holiday in a nice hotel. To dream about it is one thing, but then to...

how to transport windows 0

How to transport windows?

Window glass is extremely fragile, thus needs special treatment when transported in a truck, by yourself or with a transport company. Easily said, but how you actually do it? Good preparation is the key...

riding motorcycle in the rain 1

4 tips on how to ride a motorcycle in the rain

Not sure if riding motorcycle in the rain is something you would like to try? Read this article to find out and check out the infographic to memorize the tips easily. Many people decide to stop...

sports quipment transport 3

How to ship fitness equipment?

Exercising is an important part of your life? If so, at some point you may want to ship your fitness equipment from one place to another. Say, you move home or buy a new...


5 ways to ship your bike

Do you relocate soon? Are you going to move house or go for a longer trip? It might happen that you will need your bike shipped to the final location. If you cannot think...

cycling in poland 0

My favourite bike path in Pomerania !

The author of this post – Patrycja Marchel has been awarded 3rd prize in the Clicktrans contest for the most creative presentation of participant’s favourite bike trail in Pomerania. This is what she wrote...

how much is it to ship a pallet in the uK 1

How much is it to send a pallet in the UK?

EUR-pallet is the most popular type of pallet used in the European industry. It was specifically designed for loads transport and storage. Pallets are supposed to be constructed in the way that makes loading...

how to ship a large parcel 2

How to send a large parcel?

Do you want to send a large parcel, but you are not sure which method to choose to keep it cheap, but professional. In the paragraphs below, you will find the comparison of sizes...