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Transport provider - lublintransport
Verified transport provider Lublin Certificates, insurance, licenses
lublintransport (515) Reputation: 99%
Transport provider - szybkoPL-UK
Verified transport provider Paszkowka Certificates, insurance, licenses
szybkoPL-UK (343) Reputation: 98%
Transport provider - Jaraczewski
Verified transport provider Ruda Śląska
Jaraczewski (615) Reputation: 96%
Transport provider - ebs_transport
Verified transport provider Jarocin Certificates, insurance, licenses
ebs_transport (104) Reputation: 97%
Transport provider - Spytkowski
Verified transport provider Preston
Spytkowski (69) Reputation: 100%
Transport provider - elgredo
Verified transport provider Gołdap Certificates, insurance, licenses
elgredo (214) Reputation: 100%
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Krakow to Prague, Kraków - Prague

Szybka decyzja, precyzyjne dane, zapłacili. Polecam kontrahenta

1, Bydgoszcz - Sittensen

thank you

Clothing and small household goods, Kadzidło - unknown

Recently delivered parcels:

Transported From To Price Saved
Item transport duzej paczki do uk Poland, Koscian United Kingdom, Denton PLN250.00 -PLN123.13
Item transport duzej paczki do uk Poland, Kościan United Kingdom, Tameside PLN260.00 -PLN240.00
Item zaslony i 2 cienkie karnisze z Tunbridge Wells, UK do Wroclawia United Kingdom, Royal Tunbridge Wells Poland, Wrocław PLN199.00 -PLN127.23
Item 1 big 25kg parcel United Kingdom, Aston Juxta Mondrum Poland, Rybnik PLN149.00 -PLN137.54
Item 4 Koła alu z oponami 17'' waga 55kg United Kingdom, London Poland, Wrocław €60.00 -€29.55
Item 15 Poland, Lublin Spain, Barcelona €350.00 -€150.00
Transported From To Price Saved
Item television United Kingdom, Bolton Ireland, Bray €49.00 -€27.56
Item 20 parcels Ireland, Listowel Finland, Helsinki €640.00 -€590.77
Item 15 large boxes United Kingdom, London Hungary, Budapest €415.00 -€550.12
Item 5 katonów na trasie Manosque - Grodzisko Dolne France, Manosque Poland, Grodzisko Dolne PLN880.00 -PLN377.14
Item Box Poland, Kraków United Kingdom, Manchester €35.00 -€19.69
Item 14 paczek z Wloch do UK Italy, Capannori United Kingdom, Frome €350.00 -€196.88
Transported From To Price Saved
Item Przeprowadzka United Kingdom, Hayes Poland, Gniezno PLN630.00 -PLN354.38
Item Transport 2 europalety do UK Poland, Bialystok United Kingdom, Rotherham PLN1,630.00 -PLN916.88
Item 6 paczek i TV United Kingdom, Preston Poland, Olsztyn PLN590.00 -PLN331.88
Item Transport to Utrecht (item 6 of 8) Poland, Warsaw Netherlands, Utrecht €500.00 -€281.25
Item Boxes from Amsterdam to Stockholm Netherlands, Amsterdam Sweden, Stockholm €700.00 -€393.75
Item Krakow to Prague Poland, Kraków Czech Republic, Prague €150.00 -€84.38
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