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Transport provider - kacper130
Verified transport provider Koszalin Certificates, insurance, licenses
kacper130 (117) Reputation: 99%
Transport provider - adams1964
Verified transport provider MADAJE STARE Certificates, insurance, licenses
adams1964 (174) Reputation: 100%
Transport provider - ANDYXL
Verified transport provider Radom Certificates, insurance, licenses
ANDYXL (56) Reputation: 100%
Transport provider - magdaostenda
Verified transport provider Kamieniec Ząbkowicki
magdaostenda (36) Reputation: 97%
Transport provider - lfidziukiewicz
Verified transport provider BIAŁYSTOK Certificates, insurance, licenses
lfidziukiewicz (37) Reputation: 97%
Transport provider - rob-przemo
Verified transport provider Ksawerów
rob-przemo (72) Reputation: 97%
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Very good customer. I would highly recommend.

Princess bed with stairs and ladder, King's Lynn and West Norfolk - Wellington

Wszystko OK. Polecam tego zleceniodawce, konkretnie i na temat ;) zapraszamy ponownie

BMW mini, Potters Bar - Kraków

Super, Polecam wszystkim, mila obsluga i bardzo szybka realizacja.

Dwa małe busiki z Francji do Polski, unknown - Lublin

Recently shipped:

Transported From To Price Saved
Item Mercedes-Benz CE280 Ireland, Dublin Germany, Leipzig €700.00 -€927.91
Item Maluch alternative 2 Poland, Łódź Sweden, Båstad €350.00 -€323.08
Item BMW e39 Belgium, Poland, Lublin PLN1,450.00 -PLN927.05
Item Civic United Kingdom, London Ireland, Waterford €400.00 -€197.01
Item Honda civic UFO France, Paris Poland, Lublin PLN2,200.00 -PLN1,593.10
Item Frank Bourne Germany, Hamburg Spain, Alicante €700.00 -€393.75
Transported From To Price Saved
Item BMW mini United Kingdom, Potters Bar Poland, Kraków €350.00 -€196.88
Item ford transit Czech Republic, Prague Belgium, Antwerp €350.00 -€172.39
Item Nissan Qashqai Zurich to Wroclaw Switzerland, Zürich Poland, Wrocław €350.00 -€196.88
Item Audi TT , 2003 Germany, Laatzen Germany, Hamburg €120.00 -€67.50
Item Piaggio Ape TM Ireland, Dublin Germany, Kassel €550.00 -€309.38
Item Audi TT Genoa to Bobbio Pellice Italy, Genoa Italy, Bobbio Pellice €400.00 -€225.00
Transported From To Price Saved
Item Car Germany, Gelsenkirchen Ireland, Dublin €1,000.00 -€562.50
Item Mr Netherlands, Leidschendam Switzerland, Männedorf €800.00 -€450.00
Item To Krakow Airport and back to Czechowice-Dziedzice Poland, Czechowice-Dziedzice Poland, Kraków €120.00 -€67.50
Item transport vw t3 frm seville to barcelona United Kingdom, London United Kingdom, Barcelona €500.00 -€281.25
Item nissan leaf car United Kingdom, London Italy, Pescara €700.00 -€393.75
Item Transport VW transporter T5 chassis Germany to Netherlands Germany, Deggendorf Netherlands, Hoorn €600.00 -€337.50
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